Co-writing with AI: a guide for curious authors

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🌚 You might be here because... read a tweet about AI text generators then stayed up all night wondering what the world has come to, and if robots will take your jobs and you finally fell asleep at 5am only to be awoken at 8am to a message from your mum saying ‘look at this’ and it’s a link to an article about how AI is going to replace authors and a picture of a guy who wrote 10 picture books in 10 seconds all with the press of a button. 

Been there. This guide will help you find emotional equilibrium through a) knowledge b) experimentation and c) tender and caressing pats

✍️ Writing is both a process and a product. It is something you do. This book is designed to introduce you to a new way of doing the writing!

This 17-page guide is for all kinds of people. Those who find writing painful, those who find writing joyful, and my favourite, those who find it painfully joyful! 

It is not a guide for hacking your way to a ‘finished’ manuscript in less than 10 minutes with the help of artificial intelligence. Rather, I hope to offer examples of how playing with AI can make thinking and writing more challenging. In a way that sparks growth, pushes exploration and creates joy.  

Inside these pages you'll find

  • What it means to write as a human (key ideas from some very wise people)
  • What is AI? Definitions
  • Have 'writing machines' existed before? *hint- they have, as robots from the early 1900's
  • How does AI relate to writing? Strengths and weaknesses of AI
  • What tools exist for writers today?
  • Exercises and prompts to try at all stages of the writing journey

I'll make you a promise. If you don't get any value from the guide and you paid money, I'll give you a refund! And if you didn't pay, I'll give you my condolences.

👋 About the creator!

I’ve been interested in the intersection of technology and writing since working in Googles Creative labs back in 2016. Experiments in the labs span from books written on the blockchain during my time (2016) to AI-assisted writing tools (2018) and responsive storytelling installations (2022) after my time. 

Beyond the labs I write my own childrens books and experiment with AI co-writing, with 2 new books due out in 2023 with Five Mile press (you can see them here!)

In my 9-5 I research AI-assisted creative tools and edtech at Canva. This year we launched ‘Magic Write’, Canva’s first foray into AI writing assistant. 

Thanks for stopping by, Annabel Blake

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17 page colour PDF stacked with stories, tips and exercises to help you experiment with AI RIGHT AWAY!

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Co-writing with AI: a guide for curious authors

3 ratings
I want this!